Shades of Love - 3 Piece Bondage Set Perfect for first-timers


 16 Erotic Bondage Sets Available. Each set includes a Unique Fetish Outfit, Love Mask, and 2 Bondage Restraints

Enjoy a head to toe erotic BDSM fantasy with the Shades of Love collection by Magic Silk –
the only collection on the market to incorporate a fetish-inspired outfit.

This fantasy begins as you slip into a sensually soft, figure-hugging seamless garment. Available in One Size and Queen Size, the seamless dress included in your Shades of Love set ensures a flattering shape at any size. Clinging to your curves, the sight of you in this erotic dress takes your lover’s breath away as you give in to seduction. Experience the tantalizing torture of being subdued with 2 soft satin easy-tie bondage restraints.

This deluxe set is perfect for first-timers or those looking to indulge in a romantic night of submission. Enjoy the heightened sense of touch as your sight is taken by the soft satin love mask as your excitement builds at the anticipation of what’s to follow…


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